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BBC Earth looks at six types of material and innovations which could help in the drive for a more sustainable way of life. From fast fashion to cotton, the list of ways we consume fashion that have an adverse effect on our environment and other species is a long one.

Backed by over years of coated fabric technology, Seaman Corporation s XR Geomembrane is the highest-strength and most chemically resistant geomembrane on the marketdeveloped to contain and protect against acids, oils, methane, and alkalis. This geomembrane liner is compatible with harsh liquids and has many advantages over high ...

Warwick utilizes Twaron fiber in custom fabric applications. Warwick uses Twaron fiber, a para-aramid, in a variety of custom, high-tech applications. We also use Twaron as a fiber to help strengthen material used in cut- and puncture-resistant products. Lightweight Twaron fiber offers high tensile strength, abrasion, and flex resistance, as ...

//&#;&#;Polycarbonate plastic is a thermoplastic polymer that can be made to be completely translucent (like glass). Because of its ability to be made in grades that are see-through, this plastic is commonly used as a less brittle glass alternative. Advantages: Excellent toughness and stiffness. Great electrical insulation.

//&#;&#;The higher the number of double rubs, (for example , vs ,) the better the indicator of quality and durability. In addition to higher double rubs, look for upholstery fabrics treated for performance, like stain resistance, water repellant, or UV resistance.

//&#;&#;High tensile strength, resistant to tear, strong, durable, smooth As you can see, the list includes fibres derived from both animals and plants. Fibres are spun to

Coated Fabrics. STRONG, PROTECTIVE, DIVERSE. Tough, durable fabrics with a huge range of uses for outdoor environments where strength, protection and impermeability are essential. Resourceful. Wealth of applications from tarpaulins, advertising banners and marquees to vehicle curtains, tensile architectural and security. Resistant.

DuPont Tyvek&#; a spunbonded material made from high-density polyethylene fibers offers a portfolio of tough, durable sheet products that are stronger than paper and more cost-effective and versatile than fabrics.Since Tyvek&#; was initially discovered in , DuPont has been a recognized global leader in selective barrier technology.

NF Arc, a fabric line which is inherently flame resistant, and offers the lightest weight fabric ensemble available on the market for high risk electric arc protection. CHOICE &#; Aluminized fabrics incorporate a proven layer structure providing durable protective garments from

//&#;&#;Highly flexible woven fabric with a durable coating could be a possible solution. In addition to dust resistance, the material should have the following properties: Excellent resistance to abrasion, wear, tears and punctures High infrared emissivity and low solar absorptance to

Gridlines improve the presentation and precise positioning of pots and plants. Puncture and tear-resistant can handle machine and pedestrian track; % virgin pp material, safe and environmentally friendly, no odor. High Strength, keeping fine tensile and elongation under both dry and wet conditions.

Dyneema&#; Composite Fabrics. Dyneema&#; Composite Fabrics take strength and durability to new highs. Dyneema&#; Composites dramatically increase tear, puncture, and abrasion performance dramatically compared with D nylon, while cutting weight and reducing bulk. They can also be tailored and optimized for strength, stretch, and weight, and ...

Fiberglass is laminated with Teflon&#; PTFE for a slippery, durable tape with excellent chemical and temperature resistance. ... High-Strength Fiberglass Electrical Tape. ... This puncture- and cut-resistant cotton tape is coated with a high-grade electrical-insulating varnish. Also known as cambric tape. Electrical Tape.

Hardface &#; creates a smoother exterior finish to resist abrasion and snagging, for a longer garment life and lasting look. This polymer treatment bonds with every fiber of the outer surface to add weather resistance. The precision application of Hardface &#; increases the strength of any fabric style.

//&#;&#;Its also ideal for use around pools, as it is resistant to the effects that chlorine has on other fabrics. Abrasion Resistant. Another side effect of the strength of olefin fabric is that it is resistant to abrasions and wear. This means that it wont easily puncture or wear out in high-use spots. Its Resistant to Mould and Mildew

The industry leader for high-compressive strength horizontal applications, this geocomposite sheet drain features a high-strength woven geotextile fabric, which limits the intrusion of the fabric into the drainage channels under load. The woven fabric is better suited to receive a directly poured concrete topping than non-woven geotextile fabrics.

A woven poly/cotton fabric which is thermally bonded to upholstery fabric to add strength, stability and body for open or loosely woven fabrics. FabTuff & . A performance vinyl backing that is Puncture & Tear Resistant with Fire Retardant (FR) and Durable Water Resistant (DWR) treatments already incorporated onto the backing.

Never wear and tear, puncture proof The outer cover is constructed of a high strength fabric which is used in designing safety seat belts, with an upgraded PVC inner tube, making the hose highly resistant to punctures, fraying, rusting, ripping. It's able to withstand most physcial damage.

//&#;&#;It's so tough, in fact, that it has the highest impact strength of any known thermoplastic. It has been called the strongest fiber in the world , and outperforms all mooring and tow ropes.

A protective tire liner positioned between the bicycle inner tube and the bicycle outer tire of a bicycle wheel. The protective tire liner comprises a thin lightweight puncture resistant flexible strip of metallic material, preferably of recycled aluminum to protect the inner tube from puncture damage. The lightweight puncture resistant flexible strip of recycled aluminum has a thickness of ...

//&#;&#;Best Puncture Resistant Gloves Reviews. . Turtleskin Puncture Resistant Glove. The Turtleskin TUS-M Bravo Puncture Resistant Glove is actually a police-duty pair designed to offer the optimal level of protection and dexterity. I find these black

Recyclable; puncture and chemical resistant. Dimensionally stable. Seaming characteristics. Plasticizer and chlorine free. Heat- and wedge-weldable. High tear and tensile strength. UV and ozone resistant. Fire retardant version available. Potable and industrial grades available. NSF standard grade available. Warranties available

Hardface&#; creates a smoother exterior finish to resist abrasion and snagging, for a longer garment life and lasting look. This polymer treatment bonds with every fiber of the outer surface to add weather resistance. The precision application of Hardface&#; increases the strength of any fabric style.

STF treatment enhances the puncture and ballistic performance of Kevlar&#; or other high strength fibers by restricting the relative movement of adjacent fibers when impacted, keeping the yarns engaged with the projectile and thereby taking full advantage of the high strength-to-weight ratio of high tenacity fibers like Kevlar&#;, Spectra&#;,

BB/Polyethylene. BB/HDPE, i.e. high density polyethylene. Abstract. The invention relates to a process for making a puncture resistant laminated fabric comprising laminating a layer of polyethylene film to a layer of fabric comprised of an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.

The basic components of an engineered fabric structure consist of an architectural membrane tensioned over a high-strength frame system. Engineered fabric structures are unique in that they have the durability and strength of traditional buildings, with the added benefit of being highly portable building solutions that can be quickly installed ...