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Fire Retardant Shirts | Long Sleeve Henley -> % Cotton | oz ... Flame Resistant Sweatshirt -> % Cotton | oz | / Zip-Front | Fleece | Navy Price Not Announced; Nomex shirt | Uniform -> Nomex IIIA | oz | Orange Price Not Announced; Flame Resistant Coveralls -> % Cotton ...

Product: Cotton Frc Fire Retardant Shirts Safety Flame Workwear from China at Offers to Sell and Export Dated Mon Apr, : am

FR T-Shirts. Here at FR Depot, we've created a page expressly for the Rasco line of percent cotton FR t-shirtsThese -oz, long-sleeved fire retardant t-shirts have an HRC rating and an ATPV of . They contain a left-side breast pocket and may be embroidered with your choice of text and font. They're sized from small to XL but we suggest ...

Made with treated fire resistant cotton Fire Resistant button Soft fabric and comfortable FIRE RESISTANT. TITICACA FR ; Flame Resistant Shirts FR T Shirt oz ...

The sleeves are FR cotton knit jersey with an cal/cm rating. We believe that fire resistant shirts and clothing don't have to be boring to be protective. That is

TruGuard NFPA Flame-Resistant Cotton Work Shirt - XL, TruGuardTM FR performance work shirt By Black Stallion Bulwark Large Tall Navy Cotton Flame Resistant Shirt

Price: $. PIONEER FR-Tech&#; Flame Resistant oz Safety Shirt / -. Price: $. DICKIES Flame-Resistant Long Sleeve Denim Snap Front Shirt, Indigo Blue -. Price: $. PIONEER PROTECTIVE - Flame Resistant FR / HRC Long-Sleeved Cotton Shirt -.

There are rated levels of flame resistance and, put simply, the ARC rating determines the protective characteristics of protective fabric. - The higher the ARC rating value the greater the protection. Manufacturers of fire resistant garments are required to indicate the ARC rating or Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV) of the garment.

Rasco FR Fire Retardant Shirts - Rasco's Clothing Brand offers a wide selection of FR Shirts, including FR Polo Shirts, FR Henley T-Shirts, FR Dress Shirts and FR Button Down Shirts. These Rasco FR Shirts are suitable for workplaces and job sites that require personnel to

//&#;&#;Fire-retardant: Fire-retardant fabrics have undergone chemical treatment to acquire some of the same qualities that flame-resistant fabrics inherently possess. As a result of these chemical procedures, flame-retardant fabrics become self-extinguishing and slow-burning. Any type of fabric can qualify, but it must undergo this treatment before it falls under the classification of fire-retardant.

Style# FRS - Flame-Resistant Twill Shirt with Pocket Flaps Style# - CARHARTT: FR Work Dry Cotton S/S T shirt Style# - FLAME-RESISTANT CARHARTT FORCE&#; COTTON LONG-SLEEVE T-SHIRT