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Labtex provides the complete product solution of laboratory equipment, lab consumable materials, and safety products. Here we sell Weight Scales, Lab instruments, Lab Machinery, Lab chemicals, Lab Meters, all types of Hand Gloves, PPE, disposable masks, etc. and Labtex Bangladesh is a tenderer and consultant for Govt. organization & projects.

//&#;&#;The government is bringing coronavirus test kits and personal protective equipment or PPE from China, the country that has been hailed for containing the outbreak after the

PPE means Personal Protective Equipment. it is an umbrella term that refers to all the safety accessories and garments which keep the wearer separate from any potential injury or infection. In the Covid outbreak, all the safety equipment people use, especially the health workers, to stop the spread of this virus, are collectively referred to as PPE .

Unlike FR-treated cotton fabrics, which have special chemicals added to the base fabric to achieve flame-resistance, the inherent flame-resistance found in FR Shield fabrics will not diminish regardless of the laundry process. Arc Flash PPE Kits: Orders over $ ship FREE to States. CAL Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits.

CAL Lab Coat & Leggings PPE Kits contain: FR Shield " Arc Flash Coat. FR Shield Leggings. Arc Flash Protection Hood. Hard Hat. Safety Glasses. ARC Flash Storage bag. Sizes M, L, XL, XL, and X L available from stock, Other sizes available by special order. This kit

Salisbury AFG Arc Flash Gloves Cal/Cm. SAR . Add to Cart. Salisbury AFG Arc Flash Gloves Cal/Cm. SAR . Add to Cart. Salisbury ASHAT Weight Balancing Arc Flash Protection Faceshield Unit w/ Hard Hat. SAR . Add to Cart.

Full Body GSM Airtight Washable PPE. . Virus Protecte Executive Gown PPE. . M Disposable Coverall PPE. . Non-Woven PPE with Elastic