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//&#;&#;Arc flash suits play a critical role in keeping electrical workers safe. To keep these suits working their best, they must be taken care of properly. Arc suit inspection is a key part of this process. Looking to buy a new flash suit? Check out our helpful Arc Flash Suit Buying Guide. Where Are Arc Flash Suits Used?

Two-thirds of a garments shrinkage takes place within the first five washings. Once you are happy with the way your garment fits, you can retain its size, like any other garment, by line drying instead it of using a dryer. If using a dryer is necessary, tumble dry the garment on low. Drying a garment on high heat may shrink it excessively.

Industry for arc-rated clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all work on or near electrical equipment where there is a possibility of exposure to residual arc flash incident energy above J/cm (cal/cm). Electric Arc Flash Hazard Management Guideline

//&#;&#;Avoiding tight fitting clothing is essential if that clothing is being worn to protect you against the thermal effects of an arc flash. NFPA E states that the worker must avoid tight-fitting arc flash gear. The policy of one arc flash suit for the entire maintenance department is a big mistake.

Arc Flash Clothing is built from the highest grade of FR textiles in the USA. OEL offers a superior product to its competition. Rest assured that you and your employees are taken care of. OUR SHOP ARC FLASH CLOTHING. Cal ARC FLASH CLOTHING. Cal ARC FLASH CLOTHING. Cal ARC FLASH CLOTHING. Cal ARC FLASH CLOTHING. Cal Premium ARC ...

//&#;&#;Visit or call to learn about FRC Clothing, & how to care for other Flame Resistant products.

History of Arc Flash Regulation Arc flash concerns were first publicized in the early s with the release of a paper by Ralph Lee titled, The Other Electrical Hazard: Electric Arc Blast Burns. As more and more industries and safety officials realized that too many people were suffering injuries as

//&#;&#;In the updated standard, OSHA supports home laundering of arc rated and FR clothing. While the final rule does not require employers to launder protective clothing for employees, OSHA makes clear that it is the employers responsibility to ensure proper care and maintenance of employees protective clothing.

Care and cleaning of high visibility and flame retardant garments is essential to ensure they retain their protective and high visibility properties and remain conformant to the EN ISO hi vis and BS EN ISO flame retardant standards. ... The arc flash protective clothing range satisfies the requirements of many different regulatory ...