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//&#;&#;Get a Veskimo cooling system. Cool Vest for Heat Stress Relief, Motorcycle Cooling Vest: Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems Keeps you consistently at degrees for hours. Stop and add ice, then continue riding. Unaffected by humidity. Use the search function for "Veskimo".

Hook up to any v power, then just strap the cooler on your back seat (or luggage rack) fill it with ice and a little water and then plug your vest into that. After seconds of running you begin to feel the ice water begin to circulate through the vest.

//&#;&#;Following the recent post on the Veskimo cooling vest (which i can't afford), please let me know if you have any advice on more typical cooling vests (that you dip in water). They seem to range from around $-ish (cyclegear and the other basic ones) to $ for the more upscale Rev'It model.

I have a water cooled vest (works really well), but must admit it is a pain in the neck to "load up." I am intrigued by the "phase change" materials. In spite of these options I find getting a hat wet with cold water (and even putting ice in it) works really well - just not so good for social situation!

It features a lightweight, breathable Body Cooling Vest through which ice-chilled water is circulated from an insulated Hydration Backpack or portable Cooler. Using NASA-developed technology, the lightweight Veskimo Personal Cooling Vest creates a microclimate of cool for comfort in high heat & humidity. Visit for more details.

//&#;&#;Still gets air to your arms and legs to evaporate and cool, even in + temps as evaporation takes away a lot of heat. Wearing Aerostich or similar gear works, but if you get stopped where you cannot get air up your sleeves or pant legs it gets miserable. Especially on your legs. The best by far has been the evaporative vest over the Veskimo vest.

Circulating Cool Water Vest Systems and Accessories for the treatment of heat stress due to medical conditions, the work place environment, athletics and the effect of multiple sclerosis symptoms. A leading US manufacturer of body cooling and hot/cold therapy since .

//&#;&#;Where I reside at the moment temps can go as high as degrees. degrees is ideal weather here I commute to-from work and sometimes I hit major traffic and that's when trouble kicks in. Wet cooling vests won't work because of this reason, you need air in to get cool out. If in traffic you just get wet and wetter, and boil slow.

//&#;&#;They work best if you wear a moisture wicking shirt and full jacket. Simply wet them, dab off excess water, put it on under jacket and hit the road. In degree heat you will have to stop ever hour and re-wet. But this vest proved to be worth the inital strangeness of starting off some-what wet.

//&#;&#;The leather vest blocks the wind from "robbing the cold" from the cooling vest and blocks out the hotter wind from the outside. Additionally, by snugging up the adjustments on the leather vest, it helps hold the tubes of the Veskimo cooling vest against my body better than without it - more efficient heat transfer and thus, better cooling.

Care and Maintenance of your Cooling Vest Add one teaspoon of chlorine bleach to two quarts of water and circulate through the Cooler or Backpack while connected to the Vest before end-of-season storage and/or periodically to prevent build-up of potentially harmful microorganisms. Wash by hand with mild soap in cool water.

//&#;&#;Working on the theory that keeping your core the right temperaturewarm when its cold out, cool when its blazingthe Veskimo system starts with a lightweight vest strung with thin flexible tubing intended to carry icy-cold water. When pumped into the vest, this cold water circulates around your torso to exchange heat with your body.

Cooling vests may be worn under a HAZMAT suit to regulate body temperature. A cooling vest is a garment worn on the torso that helps regulate body temperature in hot conditions. Cooling vests can be worn for work, exercise and medical purposes. Athletes often wear them before competitions to

//&#;&#;Comparing it to soaking your T shirt and or filling your helmet w water, soaking the lining, it's similarly effective, but does last a lot longer. It was $. I almost bought a BMW Cool Down Vest, but by the time i dragged my carcass to the dealer, the only one in my size was gone.

//&#;&#;Macna Dry Cooling Vest Like the Kula, the Macna vest works by filling it with water and working the water throughout the vest. We find that having the fill cap on the front is a more comfortable arrangement. The Macna holds just a tiny bit more water than the Kula, but any difference in cooling time is negligible.

Evaporative cooling vests use highly absorbent fabric that is designed to rapidly absorb cool water when soaked in it. After soaking, the cool water slowly evaporates from the fabric over the course of several hours, usually between four to ten, providing a cooling effect throughout.

//&#;&#;The Veskimo Personal Cooling System consists of a mesh vest into which plastic tubing has been sewn. The tubing is designed to carry icy cold water which is pumped from an attached -quart chilled water reservoir, which is basically an insulated ice chest with a submersible pump.

This flexible cooled pack will then help reduce the wearers temperature for up to hours. A cool flow cooling vest makes use of a water flow system that pumps water through the vest using hoses. Thermoelectric cooling vest works on Peltier effect and cools down the inner surface of the vest.

//&#;&#;The Veskimo system allows you to leather up and yet remain cooler than ever, ingeniously integrating an ice/water filled backpack worn over your jacket with a body-cooling vest worn beneath the layers of your clothes. An electric pump running on AA batteries circulates cold water throughout over feet of flexible micro-tubing in the vest.

Accessories for Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems. Keep Quick-Disconnect Fittings on Cooling Vests, Backpacks, Coolers and Extension Hoses operating smoothly and leak-free. This set of Molds will make perfectly sized Cylindrical Ice Blocks to fit inside your Backpack or Quart Hand-Carry Cooler.

The Cooling Process. When in contact with the wearers skin, heat passes directly from the body and into the water-activated fabric. This heat is released to the outside environment in the form of evaporation. Completely Washable. Silver Eagle cooling vests, headwear, blankets, animal products, and performance gear are all completely machine ...

//&#;&#;Jul , . #. Jul , . #. Is anyone using the Veskimo active cooling system? (Veskimo uses a "plumbed" vest connected to a cooler that contains a submersible v pump; you add ice and oz. of water. It's said to be very effective -- for a couple of hours, when more ice is required.) I'm tired of waiting for someone to bring a CTC ...

//&#;&#;Picked up a veskimo last week to help with my heat problems, took it for a ride today. What is it? It's a camelback with a AA battery powered waterpump, and a vest lined with ' of IV tubing, similar vests are used by hospitals to cool patients, and are very popular with road racing, last week at road atlanta's NASA event they were selling coolshirts, a similar product

//&#;&#;A quick glance shows that the KEWLFLOW Circulatory Cooling Vest in either variant appears to be the same as the Veskimo product, at a better price. Regardless of which, what, or how, the "solution" always ends up being a compromise, be it "feeling clammy", only lasting a few hours, etc. The path is often "trial & error" till you find what works ...

//&#;&#;Veskimo cooling systems have been out for years. You might wonder why a chilled water cooling system for motorcycle riders isn't common knowledge or at least a more common topic. The kit they offer is simply not going to work on a typical touring bike! Those that spent the money on their cooling vest, then either of the two reservoirs, probably ...

//&#;&#;Lightweight breathable mesh vest uses ice-chilled circulating water for more effective continuous cooling than any evaporative or phase change cooling vest. ...

This Complete Personal Cooling System combines the lightweight, breathable Veskimo Personal Microclimate Cooling Vest to be worn under your normal clothing with the Quart Hand-Carry Cooler that supplies ice chilled water to the Vest via a high efficiency pump.Includes:() Veskimo Vest() Quart Hand-Carry Cooler() Standard Lithium-Ion Battery & ChargerThe Quart Hand-Carry Cooler

The backpack that holds the ice/water bladder can be easily replaced for continuous cooling over extended periods. This is NO Evaporative, Phase Change or Air-Cooled Vest! This is the best, most Affordable Circulating Water-Cooled Personal Cooling Vest. Click here for the user manual. Click here to see how does it work. We stock only sizes.

Backpack works as a resource of cooled water for circulation via the Veskimo Cooling Vest and the Backpack has a , kgs protected tank that functions as a hydration group. Fits conveniently under a T-Shirt, Jacket or Leathers, supplying cooling down convenience in a wide variety of activities while permitting maximum mobility.