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Manufacturer of chemical and flame resistant clothing for safety and protective purposes. Made from PVC coated nylon polyester material. Features include adjustable suspenders or snaps, elastic waistband, non-conductive, non-sparking and withstand to acids, alkalis, oils and chemicals.

Taesan Industrial Corporation - Korea supplier of Aramid, Flame Resistant, Fire safety, uniform, camouflage, fire, FR

Coveralls, bib pants, gloves, shirts and jackets also protect employees from hazardous chemical splashes, drips, or spills. JET Uniform and Supply provides workwear that is durable in both flame-resistant and non-flame-resistant materials to meet the demands of some of the toughest jobs on earth.

Supplier of: flame retardant south korea | Chemicals - import-export | inorganic chemical plastic engeering south korea. To page. SUNKOO LTD. SUNKOO LTD. SOUTH KOREA - Jeongwang, Shiheung, Gyenggi. ...Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc), Flame Retardants (Melamine Cyanurate) and dispersing agents (TCP, tricalcium phosphate), and etc to major ...

//&#;&#;Superior Quality Uniform. The new uniform, similar in style to the current US Navy vessel suit, was developed by a domestic manufacturer with several characteristics in mind, including flame retardancy, quality improvement, and national defense standardization. The new uniform comes in two types: one for winter and one for summer.

//&#;&#;New Camouflage Uniform for the Republic of Korea Navy - Naval News. The new uniform features a Navy-exclusive -color camo pattern (Navy, Blue, Black, Khaki, Grey) and flame-resistant aramid fiber as its base material. It is said the fabric will suppress flame in less than two seconds if it catches fire. ROK Navy picture.