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//&#;&#;"Coexist" makes a nice-sounding bumper sticker, but Christians in Mosul, Iraq, are being denied that option. Christians have been a constant part of the landscape of Mosul for many centuries. On Thursday, July , conquering Islamic State forces issued an ultimatum to the Christians remaining there: convert to Islam, pay an unspecified religious tax, or die.

//&#;&#;Adaptation Robert Lalonde, AED Canada. Montreal/K&#;nigstein / Erbil-Ankawa, December th, - Last thursday, a school for Christian children was inaugurated in Erbil-Ankawa. This is the first of a total of eight schools funded by the international Catholic pastoral charity Aid

//&#;&#;ISIS Forces Last Iraqi Christians to Flee Mosul. Iraqis attending Mass in June at a church in Al Qosh, where many Christians have fled after being intimidated into leaving their homes in Mosul ...

//&#;&#;More than , Iraqi Christians, already a tiny minority, are fleeing the Islamic State. They are torn between staying in a war zone or abandoning their ,-year-old cultural roots.

//&#;&#;Rome, Italy, Mar , / : pm. After their seminary in Qaraqosh was dissolved following a brutal ISIS attack in , four Iraqi seminarians chose not

//&#;&#;Celebrate Easter with Iraqi Believers After Years of Waiting April , by Brian O. in Middle East A line of buses is pulling up in Ankawa, the Christian neighborhood of Erbil.

//&#;&#; reported on Tuesday that the -year-old man, Salem Matty Georgis, remained in the Syriac Christian town of Bartella after it was captured by ISIS on August . A relative said that the man was suffering from heart disease and could not leave the town with his family because of his illness.

//&#;&#;Hundreds of Iraqi Christians, forced to flee their homes to escape the wrath of Islamic State fanatics, will celebrate Christmas at a make-shift refugee camp in Erbil in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

//&#;&#;A small Christian enclave on Erbils outskirts swelled with the arrival of , displaced Christians from across the Nineveh Plain. Some people, including Thabet, had left without collecting ...

//&#;&#;Ankawa is an anomaly - one of very few places in Iraq where the Christian community has expanded over the last six years. Security is the main reason for

With gunshots and chants of Allah Akbar (Allah is the greatest) still ringing in their ears, Iraqi Christians landedtraumatized, helpless, and destitutein refugee camps throughout northern Iraq starting in . For more than two years, Christian mothers, fathers, and children lived in tents and endured scorching hot days and long ...

//&#;&#; Organizations Helping the People of Iraq and Syria. by Jesse Carey. September , . This week, the U.N. released a report that nearly half of the Syrian population has been displaced by the ongoing fighting in the country. Many of the displaced have ended up in the neighboring country of Iraq, where violence has also escalated as ISIS ...

//&#;&#;Christian children displaced by the Islamic State play soccer in Ankawa, Iraq, in . A political scientist tested whether putting adult Christians and Muslims on the same soccer teams could ...

//&#;&#;Stay on top of Iraq latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeeras fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps.

//&#;&#;In Iraq, they have shrunk from an estimated , people to nearly half that number. After the American occupation and the fall of Saddam, churches and Christians were cruelly targeted. Bombs ripped through the naves of churches. In a single attack in , people were killed. On Christmas Day in , another .

//&#;&#;Ankawa Evangelical Church, Erbil, Iraq. This past week, while visiting northern Iraq, I had the tremendous opportunity to preach in the Ankawa Evangelical Church, the largest evangelical church in northern Iraq. My sermon begins at the minute mark. Thank you Pastor Ghassan and Ankawa Evangelical Church for receiving me and allowing me to be ...

//&#;&#;While the papal tour to Iraq may have inspired hope in many, it also revealed how insidious the systematic erasure of Middle Eastern Christians, and other ethnic and religious minorities, isand

//&#;&#;A woman removes dry clothes from her home in a poor section of Tripoli, Lebanon, July , . Lebanon's Christian advocates are urging that a special fund be established to

//&#;&#;Report: ISIS Starving Out Christians in Mosul. Just one week ago, reports began to surface that residents of Mosul, Iraq a town captured by the terrorist jihadi group Islamic State (formerly Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS) had returned to normal life and were even happier with the jihadist leadership than the Iraqi government.

Ankawa (Kurdish: Ankawa , , Syriac: , Arabic: , romanized: ankw) is a suburb of Erbil in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It is located kilometres ( mi) north-north-west of downtown Erbil. The suburb is predominantly populated by Assyrians, most of whom adhere to the Chaldean Catholic Church.

//&#;&#;An Iraqi nun initially denied a visa to testify before Congress before the White House caved in to a wave of outrage told lawmakers Wednesday that Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists are committing "cultural and human genocide" by persecuting Iraqi Christians. Sister Diana Momeka of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena, speaking before the House Foreign Affairs Committee,

These items will benefit more than , families, and tons of further relief arrived in northern Iraq on October . Samaritans Purse is providing , kerosene heaters and other winter supplies for Iraqi families forced to flee by ISIS terrorists. Included in the tons airlifted from Charlotte were childrens clothing, jackets ...

//&#;&#;Clothes can give us precious info about the person in front of us while we are doing business or making friends and it is a useful key to understand the spirit of each Arab nation. About IstiZada IstiZada regularly creates resources that are free to the public with the goal of building bridges with the Arab world through education.

//&#;&#;, Christians have arrived in Ankawa, the Christian neighbourhood in Erbil and some , displaced people are in Dohuk, said Louis Sako, Patriarch of

After , Years, the Last Christian is Forced to Leave Mosul. ERBIL, Iraq The last Christian reportedly left Iraqs second largest city of Mosul at :pm on Saturday, ending over , years of Assyrian history in the city. Assyrians have lived in Mosul for over , years, converting to Christianity over , years ago.

//&#;&#;Starting with the city of Mosul, ISIS overran one city and town after another, giving the Christians of the region three choices: .) convert to Islam, .) pay a tribute (Al-Jizya) to ISIS or ...

//&#;&#;Some no longer have family in Iraq, and would arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs. Some are veterans or worked with the US military. The reality is they cannot blend in anymore in Iraqi society, said Joseph Kassab, the Iraqi Christians Advocacy and Empowerment Institutes founder.

//&#;&#;This week, the Christian enclave of Ankawa in Erbil, the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan, was designated by the autonomous regions prime minister as an official district with administrative ...

//&#;&#;But in Iraq a large Christian population survived. The census gave million Iraqi Christians out of a then population, probably, of million. By the Christians were estimated at ,, with over half a million having emigrated during the years of harsh US/ UN sanctions, or having not been able to afford to have children.