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 &#; Xu, F. et al. Highly efficient flame-retardant and soft cotton fabric prepared by a novel reactive flame retardant. Cellulose , (). CAS Google Scholar . Blanchard, E. J ...

 &#; A synergistic flame retardant (silicon, phosphorus and nitrogen) based on cyclic polysiloxane, ammonium salt of tetramethylcyclosiloxyl-piperazin-phosphinic acid (APCTSi) was successfully prepared and firmly bonded to cotton fabric through a chemical grafting method. The chemical structure of APCTSi was characterized by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, H and P nuclear ...

 &#; The efficiency of the flame retardant prevented the fabric from burning. The char lengths of the treated cotton are , , , , , and mm after LCs, LCs, LCs, LCs, LCs, and LCs, respectively. The char length increases with more LCs. Repeated washing led to a slight decrease in flame retardant content.

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 &#; Superhydrophobic and phosphorusnitrogen flame-retardant cotton Progress in Organic Coatings ( IF ) Pub Date : , DOI: /j.porgcoat Shupin Chen, Hongqiang Li, Xuejun Lai, Shifeng Zhang, Xingrong Zeng

 &#; In order to meet the rapidly growing demand of multi-functional fabric, a super-hydrophobic flame retardant coating for cotton fabric with superior washability and abrasion resistance was prepared. Flame retardant finishing agent P, P-diphenyl-N-( ...

 &#; halogenated flame retardant systems. Solid Phase Char-Formation Mechanism Char-forming flame retardant additives react to form a carbonaceous layer on the materials surface. This layer insulates the polymer, slowing pyrolysis, and creates a barrier that hinders the release of additional gases that would otherwise fuel combustion.

The flame retardant fabric is well established in the Europe and North American market whilst the countries in Asia-Pacific which are still developing are said to hold second largest market for the flame retardant fabrics owing to the increase in manufacturing activities and high investments.

A novel triethylenetetramine-phosphorous acid-based flame retardant (FR) containing high amounts of P and N elements was designed and characterized by Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy ( H NMR, C NMR, and P NMR).The FR can be grafted onto cotton fabric via P-O-C covalent bonds.

 &#; A chemical applied to a fabric to impart flame resistance is called a flame retardant. Different factors affecting flammability of textiles include type of fiber, yarn structure, fabric structure, and any chemicals / coatings applied on the fabric. Three necessary components for a

 &#; The flame retardant fabric prepared by the former has excellent dyeability, which brings convenience to the dyeing of flame retardant camouflage fabrics, and the price is low, but generally has low strength, especially low tear strength, hard hand

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