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//&#;&#;With the rise of work platform companies for services such as meal delivery and passenger transport, the number of workers without adequate social protection is also increasing. This first Dutch-language publication on the subject, which came about with the support of Instituut Gak, provides a broad overview of bottlenecks to social protection as a result of platformisation and ...

//&#;&#;Il met en lumi&#;re le risque que les syst&#;mes de protection sociale soient fortement fragilis&#;s par un recul de la solidarit&#; sociale au profit de lindividualisme, par la privatisation partielle ou totale de la s&#;curit&#; sociale et par une diminution des niveaux de protection sociale; autant de ph&#;nom&#;nes qui sont eux-m&#;mes la r&#;sultante de lapparition des plateformes num&#;riques et du soutien dont elles

//&#;&#;ILOs social protection platform can be accessed at . The most comprehensive overview of ILOs strategy in support of social protection floor is contained in the book Social Security for All . The ILO social protection floor flagship programme is introduced through a dedicated website. The ILO maintains a

About us. is an unbranded knowledge-sharing platform that gathers the latest updates from the social protection arena. The platform gives free access to a variety of features ...

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And social protection gives poor people a platform to step from fighting for survival to working for a better future and staying out of poverty. The decent work agenda is a universal agenda.

The Social Protection of Workers in the Platform Economy DISCLAIMER The content of this document is the sole responsibility of the author and any opinions expressed therein do not necessarily represent the official position of the European Parliament.

//&#;&#;Many platform workers do not have access to social protection schemes in relation to disability, old age, pregnancy and care. Limitations on collective bargaining rights: Since, in many cases, platform workers are treated contractually as being self-employed they generally have no legal right to collective bargaining.

Jigawa/Zamfara Social Protection Platform. likes. JG/ZM SPP is a platform of CSOs, advocates/activists & Media professionals that advocate & promote

//&#;&#;Global social protection platform to fill knowledge gap: Dr Sania. At UN moot, SAPM highlights Pakistan's efforts to disburse cash payments to over m citizens

Social Protection. Building social protection floors and comprehensive social security systems

//&#;&#;Social Protection is a global knowledge sharing platform on the extension of social security. It aims to capitalize on experiences, identify knowledge gaps, create new knowledge and promote innovation

//&#;&#;Social Protection and Human Rights - A resource platform for researchers, policy makers and practitioners. UN Secretary-General calls for accelerated action on jobs and social protection. Deeply diverging recoveries threaten to undermine trust and solidarity and make the world more vulnerable to future crises, including climate change.

Questions on social protection and social security (including social protection floors) AGE Platform Europes input This short answer is submitted in reply to the call of the Chair of the Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG). AGE Platform Europe (AGE) has ECOSOC status and is accredited to the OEWG since .

//&#;&#;Conclusions on social protection and the application of international labour standards were adopted on the final day, ... About the platform Both human rights and social protection have emerged as key elements in discussions on poverty reduction and the post development agenda.

//&#;&#;Social protection. Social protection programmes are large-scale public investments to reduce poverty and enhance education and health where the benefits are often conditional on behaviour change, such as sending a child to school. Some programmes have explicitly targeted cash transfers based on gender and age (e.g. to encourage adolescent girls ...

Social protection. Every year, the World Food Programme (WFP) provides vital food and nutrition assistance to around million people. Yet, the number of people who do not have enough to eat worldwide is much higher currently up to million. National social protection systems reach billions of people across the globe.

//&#;&#;This special issue of the International Social Security Review addresses the important topic of social protection for digital platform workers in Europe. The special issue highlights the risk that social protection systems may be largely undermined by a decline in social solidarity in favour of individualism, the partial or full privatization of social security, and a reduction in protection ...

The chapter presents emerging evidence on the development of the platform economy, paying particular attention to the motivations for entering platform work, the conditions of platform work, and the extent of social protections afforded platform workers. Debate thus far has tended to be highly speculative and lacking in grounded empirical analysis, with policy-makers in particular actively ...

Social Protection is a global knowledge sharing platform on the extension of social security. It aims to capitalize on experiences, identify knowledge gaps, create new knowledge and promote innovation

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//&#;&#;private law (im)possibilities of offering social protection to platform workers; competition law as obstacle or opportunity for collective bargaining for or by self-employed workers; the use of algorithms in employment and in application procedures; risks and opportunities of location-independent online (platform) work.

//&#;&#;ID Enabled Social Protection Delivery Platform for Inclusive Development. Leaving no one behind is the pledge by the international community which forms one of the core pillars of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. This commitment requires that every deserving resident can access the diverse social protection measures ...

A Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors The Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors (SPFs) intends to be a platform for enterprises to share experiences on social protection and to foster the debate regarding the role of enterprises to support the installation of public social protection systems in countries where they operate.

Description. The study reviews the legal, social and economic conditions of platform work and makes recommendations concerning arrangements for the provision

//&#;&#;Whether online-platform workers are classified as workers or self-employed has an enormous impact on the social protection these individuals enjoy. Indeed, because people working with online platforms do not necessarily fit into the traditional moulds of social-security systems they can be left without protection altogether.

Much recent attention has been on digital management information systems (MIS) for social protection, defined as online platforms through which citizens can interact with welfare bureaucracies; automated systems which collect and analyze data to determine eligibility for social protection benefits; biometric identification of beneficiaries; and artificial intelligence tools to identify the ...