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customization of arc flash reduction Resettable with no fuses to replace External visible loadbreak switch with gauge combines safety and convenience into one package. Note: Padloackable covers over window, gauges and switch removed for photo. IR windows on termination chambers allow users to easily check bushing connections.

//&#;&#;In an effort to reduce the risk of injuries associated with arc flash, many sites have installed infrared (IR) transmissive windows or ports that permit IR inspections of switchgear without the need to open panel covers.

FLIR IR Windows. Infrared Camera Window with PIRma-Lock. FLIR's IR Windows add a barrier between you and energized equipment, protecting you from arc flash accidents. IR windows are easy to install, easy to use, and will help you work with greater confidence.

Solution. Simple and easy to fit & situated completely within the drawer, this solution provides the ability to permanently thermally monitor the critical connections at the rear of the drawer, via specifically designed measurement techniques for this challenging MCC application, which is globally recognised as a major source of power outages.

Fluke CV ClirVu&#; mm ( in) Infrared Window Reduce the risk of arc-flash and electrocution, increase the safety of your personnel and reduce the... Sale $ $

With their heavy-duty aluminum housing and arc-flash resistant design you'll find they perform their best under even the worst conditions to increase the speed and safety of the user's IR inspections. The Fluke CLKT C-Range Infrared (IR) Window make it easier to comply with the NFPA E safety standard.

Maintenance Inspections Solutions, like those available from FLIR, can be installed on virtually any transformer and allow users to perform visual, infrared and ultraviolet inspections through a single device. Large format IRW-XPx rectangular windows mean that a single unit can be used for the LV connections and another for

By keeping the door closed and sealed by inspecting with an infrared window, you have eliminated the controllable items that induce arc flash. Infrared windows are available in multiple sizes and can be custom-made to retrofit dead fronts on distribution and isolator boards.

An extension of Kirchhoffs Law tells us that the sum of the radiation leaving the surface of an object equals one: expressed as Watts Emitted + Watts Transmitted + Watts Reflected = (or ++=). Figure . Things You Need To Know About Infrared Windows

We are recognized as specialists in world-class thermographic solutions, with a particular focus on delivering our customers unsurpassed quality in infrared window inspection technology. As solution providers, the JIT Americas team brings the combined experience of world-class maintenance programs to meet the individual needs of your commercial, industrial, marine, power generation and government

//&#;&#;It can also cause lengthy downtime to repair or replace severely damaged equipment. The requirements of NFPA E help plant and facility managers to reduce the probability of an arc flash event and its effects. This is where the use of thermography in conjunction with infrared windows can assist.

Exiscan. MSRP: Now: $ - $. Was: Easily comply with OSHA, NFPA E, CSA Z and similar electrical safety mandates by using closed-panel inspection methods. Infrared (IR) Windows allow workers to perform IR inspections of electrical components while

An arc flash is the result of a short circuit in energized equipment where the current flows through the air from one exposed live conductor to another conductor (a person or a different piece of equipment), or to ground. Arc flash occurs often; over % of electrical injuries involve arc flash.

provides industries with the most advanced predictive maintenance and reliability solutions for electrical systems and other critical equipment. Unparalleled Products & Services We provide a one-stop source for all infrared monitoring and

excessive heat and arc-flash hazard. Infrared (IR) inspection is a proven maintenance method used to identify problems with electrical connections. Eatons new infrared window solution for the Pow-R-Way III without de-energizing the busway. The integrated IR window provides additional value by

Featured Resources. UV Windows and IR Windows are Optical Windows designed for optimal performance in the Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) spectrums. UV Windows are used in many laser applications. IR Windows are ideal for use in FTIR spectroscopy, in addition to thermal imaging, FLIR, or medical systems.

By facilitating closed-panel inspections, use of IRISS infrared windows eliminate % of arc flash triggers during IR electrical surveys and help companies to comply with NFPA and OSHA mandates. To learn more about infrared inspection solutions from IRISS, visit .

Arc Flash Hazard Mitigation Recommendations will be made to minimize Arc Flash Hazards by changes in system protection or operational procedures. Arc Flash Hazard Labels In addition to the report, our customers will receive a field label containing the flash hazard boundary distance, incident energy level, PPE category and shock category and shock hazard for each location.

Why Use an Infrared Window? Use of an infrared window will remove more than % of arc flash triggers during an infrared electrical inspection. By removing the hazards, infrared windows are providing the highest level of protection per the Risk Control Hierarchy as prescribed by NFPA.

The IRWS IR window helps you work faster with greater confidence. Perform inspections more efficiently and reduce the threat of arc flash injury significantly so you can get more done and stay in compliance with NFPA E requirements.

Arc flashes can happen when transformer doors or breaker and switchgear panels are opened, and injuries sustained from the burns and the percussive injuries that happen as a result of an arc flash can be life changingeven deadly. IR inspection windows eliminate the need for thermographers to open energized equipment, greatly reducing the ...

CorDEX SMART Infrared Windows are used to perform fast and safe infrared surveys of electrical equipment across all industry sectors. The IW IR Window is the best of the best. When your priority is maximum flexibility and usability coupled with longevity and safety, the IW mm () SMART IR Window is the obvious solution.

FLIR's IR Windows add a barrier between you and energized equipment, protecting you from arc flash accidents. IR windows are easy to install, easy to use, and will help you work with greater confidence.