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Contractor Safety Officer - An individual assigned by the Contractor who will act as a full-time Safety Officer. This person shall meet the requirements as the Contractor Safety Representative, with the additional requirements of: have completed an authorized OSHA

Contractors also have obligations and responsibilities in relation to the maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment: Contractors must ensure compliance with all legislative requirements. Contractors must ensure compliance with V/Lines Safety Management System including policies, procedures, work instructions and guidelines.

Safety is Union Pacifics # priority. The safety of everyone supporting the companys mission is critical. All parties employees, contractors and others must ensure a safe operation. Following are links to valuable information. If you have questions or concerns about your safety or that of others, you own the responsibility to ask the person in charge before proceeding.

Apply for a licence or find contractors, inspection agencies, auditing organisations, designated insurers and training providers. Workplace safety and health training Find a training course, check a worker's training record, Continuing Professional Development programme.

. Safety Requirements Contractor recognizes and agrees that safety is of paramount importance in performing any Work for PG&E, regardless of whether the Work is Low Risk Work, Medium Risk Work, or High Risk Work. Contractor shall perform all Work safely, in compliance with PG&Es Contractor Safety Program, Contractors safety program,

The contractors employees must be familiar with the contents of this handbook and will be held accountable for complying with the provisions stated herein. GENERAL REFINERY REQUIREMENTS Refinery Training and Orientation Attend and pass Safety Awareness (SA), available only at Houston Area Safety Council (HASC)

RTKC uses standards that outline the requirements for general types of hazards. These standards provide a solid foundation of controls for addressing workplace hazards. Although RTKC has not developed a standard to address every possible hazard, we require all work to comply with applicable safety, health, and environmental regulations and to conform to our HSEQ standards, policies, and ...

Safety Guidelines - Page of - January POLICY TO PREVENT WORKPLACE ALCOHOL AND DRUG PROBLEMS Policy standards The Contractor, subcontractors, employees, suppliers and visitors must remain free from any adverse effects of alcohol or other drugs and

Emphasize contractor responsibilities and requirements under government contracts. Enhance contractor operational efficiency and safety. Ensure that available assets are effectively and safely used. Increase technical knowledge. Assist in the prevention of mishaps, accidents, and near misses. Contractors Explosives Safety Standards Course

HEALTH AND SAFETY REQUIREMENTS The contractor is responsible for safety at the construction or work site. The contractor is also responsible for preparation of a safety plan and for carrying out the safety plan. The contractor staff shall maintain conformance to the health and safety plan throughout the course of construction.

Titan America Safety Guidelines, OSHA Facilities Manual for Contractors & Subcontractors Revised // CONTRACTOR REQUIREMENTS General Information The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is a federal agency that is part of the U.S.

//&#;&#;Complying with contract-specific WHS requirements; Implementing processes to deal with safety issues; Contractors also have specific duties of care under WHS legislation when providing high-risk good and services. A Joint Responsibility For Safety. When it comes to contractor safety, its about concurrent liability.

Contractors themselves also have legal health and safety responsibilities. Make sure everyone understands the part they need to play in ensuring health and safety. Use of contractors in itself does not result in poor health and safety standards, but poor management can lead to injuries, ill health, additional costs and delays.

Contractor Safety Standards convey Eversources minimum expectations regarding safety practices and may exceed the requirements of regulatory agencies. The Contractor Safety Standards are in addition to any safety policies, procedures, guidance or work instructions of the Contractor.

Contractor) and its employees, workers, representatives and subcontractors. The safety and wellbeing of workers and customers is our top priority. BP want Contractors to make the safety and wellbeing of themselves, co -workers, other workers and our customers their top priority as well .

E. SAFETY GLASSES: It is the responsibility of the contractor to enforce the use of Safety Glasses at all times. Contractor will supply his employees with personal protective equipment. F. All Contractor personnel must wear shirts with sleeves that cover the shoulders and pants that cover the entire leg to the ankle. . Accidents and Injuries

Contractor Safety. With contractors typically engaged in high-risk, non-standard work the kind that causes roughly percent of serious workplace injuries and fatalities contractor safety is a vital element of any organizations health and safety (H&S) program. AIAGs new Contractor Safety Management Framework provides ...

for quality Contractor safety. TPS prime responsibility for Contractor safety is to ensure TPS safety requirements, standard safety practices, potential hazards, and site specific rules and procedures are communicated to, and understood by, the Contractors prior to commencement of work. This can be done through the bidding process, master services

including periodic evaluation of contractor safety and health performance and contractors compliance with safety and health requirements. Work Evaluation At the completion of the contracted work, the owner shall evaluate the overall performance of the contractor and determine if the safety results qualify the contractor to remain on ...

its customers. This requirement extends to all levels of subcontracting done by the contractor. Circumventing safety procedures and not utilizing required safety equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE) will not be tolerated. The consequences for contractors that fail to observe safety requirements will be disciplinary in nature up to and including termination of the contract.

SAFETY REQUIREMENTS INDONESIA PROJECT Contractor Safety Requirements Issue February , . . Induction and Site Set up All contractors must attend a site safety orientation programme and successfully complete a knowledge assessment before start working. All contractor employees (Including sub-contractors) must complete any

The Contractor Safety Program (the CSP) outlines Oracle corporate policy and expectations and identifies the requirements that contractor must adopt when performing services at Oracle owned or managed facilities so that contractors can safely conduct the applicable services.

A. The contractor will be informed of PPG requirements for PPG employees in all normal work and construction areas. The contractor shall incorporate similar requirements, in writing, in its Safety and Health Program. B. It is the responsibility of the contractor to enforce the use of required personal protective equipment by its employees. C.

//&#;&#;CONTRACTOR SAFETY NOVEMBER STANDARDS The following applies to all Contractors working for The Authority. Strict compliance with these standards is expected. . General Safety Standards All Contractors working for The Authority will: not disrupt or impede airport business at any time except as permitted by The Authority

WHY use the Contractor checklists? In many cases the tasks and hence the hazards of those tasks may not be well known to Quarry Managers. Regardless of this fact, the Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations place substantial personal responsibilities on Quarry Managers for the health and safety of all people on their Quarry site.

Shaw property must conform to the requirements of the Agreement. In addition, contractors/vendors must abide by the Plant Specific Safety Standards for the facility, where the work is being performed. A management representative from the facility will discuss the Plant Specific Safety Standards with the contractor/vendor.

Contractor Safety Requirements Issue February , . . Manpower and Resources. Each contractor will appoint a safety officer for this site who will be present at all times. Depending on the manpower present on site (including sub- contractors), the safety aspect of this persons role may not necessarily be his

//&#;&#;Example Contractor Safety Management Procedure. This standard provides requirements which Company managers, supervisors, contractors and subcontractors must meet and follow when engaged by Company for any work. Companys objective is for contractors to be working to a satisfactory standard meeting all Company and legislative requirements.